Tindra is your

T ailored I ntelligence,
N avigational D irection,
R eliable A ssistant

One AI Copilot, Your Entire Team.

Enhance your marketing campaigns, drive sales to new heights, and optimize operations effortlessly with our reliable, 24/7 AI integrated into every step.

Marketing Ability

Elevate your brand's impact while connecting authentically with your audience.

Popular Features

Personalized content creation
Seasonal campaign planner
Predictive campaign performance
Sales Ability

Achieve higher conversions, increased customer engagement, and a thriving sales pipeline.

Popular Features

Collect sales leads intelligently
Recommend products
AI suggested FAQ
Operations Ability

Effortlessly manage tasks using natural language, optimize workflows, and simplify complex operations through intuitive AI.

Popular Features

Create discounts and campaigns
Manage products and collections
Instant reports generation on request

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Solutions for every store

Dive into challenges of fellow merchants and see how Tindra's Copilot turns hurdles into success.

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A potent AI that merchants adopt effortlessly, trust completely, and utilize effectively.

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Dedicated assistance, every step of the journey.

We're by your side, ensuring your entire team excels as your business expands.

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