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WhatsApp Dietary Sidekick for Easy Weight Loss

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What They Say?

Join the thousands of users who are improving their diets with Tindra and share your story with us!

  • What is Tindra and how do I use it?
    Tindra is an AI diet sidekick that operates through WhatsApp. It helps you record your dietary intake, generate meal plans, receive timely feedback, and obtain diet reports. You can also access your historical dietary records, weight changes, and nutritional intake through our dashboard. You can perform various actions by sending messages on WhatsApp: • To generate a meal plan: generate a 3-day meal plan with low sugar and low-fat. • To record your diet: I ate an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast and a cup of yogurt. • To ask dietary questions: My friend is allergic to grains, and she is coming over for dinner. What should I prepare? • To review your results: I want to see the dietary reports for the past 20 days to see where I need to improve.
  • Is my data secure with Tindra?
    Yes, we take your data security very seriously. We are an official partner of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and all customer data is stored on their servers in the western United States. Microsoft and AWS employ strict encryption measures to ensure your data remains private and inaccessible to our staff and third parties. Your data is considered your private property, and we also comply with GDPR requirements to safeguard your data.
  • How much does Tindra cost?
    Tindra offers a 14-day free trial period during which you can access its features without any payment details. After the 14-day free trial, the subscription fee is $49 per month.
  • How is Tindra different from others?
    Tindra is your AI diet sidekick on WhatsApp, offering a more convenient and personalized experience to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Just describe your meals and Tindra automatically calculates precise calorie and macronutrient estimates while recording them. Additionally, it provides tailored meal plans, tracks your food intake, offers nutritional guidance, and delivers regular reports to support your dietary journey.
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