Operations Ability

Understand, advice, and optimize.

Ability Description
Elevate operations with seamless data management and automation. Operation Ability empowers your team with streamlined customer data syncing, processing, and curation, all while automating business processes. Effortlessly complete tasks using natural language.
From automation to data synchronization, customer management, and insights enhancement, Operation Ability offers a comprehensive suite of skills. With these, your business gains a unified view of customer interactions, facilitating effortless customer experiences.

The Ability You Need to Effortlessly Grow

Operations sidekick

Finish to-do lists effortlessly with natural language.


Create discounts and campaigns Craft compelling discounts and campaigns to attract customers and drive sales effortlessly.
Manage products and collections Effortlessly organize and oversee your products and collections for a seamless customer experience.
Auto-label customers Automatically categorize customers for streamlined communication and personalized interactions.
E-commerce data analyst

Measure overall business performance.


Instant reports generation on request Obtain real-time insights with ease by generating reports whenever you need them.
Data visualization in table and chart views Gain valuable insights through visually appealing table and chart representations of your data.
Available in Slack and browser Access Copilot's features conveniently from both Slack and your web browser for maximum flexibility.
Revenue-driven planner

Plan your operations with a focus on revenue generation and growth.


Segmentation generator Effortlessly create targeted customer segments to tailor your strategies and enhance engagement.
Review summarization Quickly grasp customer sentiments and feedback with summarized reviews, streamlining decision-making.
Preset revenue analysis framework Utilize a predefined framework to analyze revenue patterns, enabling informed business decisions.

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24/7 Customer Support

The Tindra team is on standby to assist with any technical inquiries you might have. You can reach out to us via email or WhatsApp.


Start swiftly with a tailored onboarding strategy. Enhance outcomes with top-notch training, continuous consultation, and technical support.


Tindra provides a diverse collection of free educational content, including blog articles and social media posts, to ensure your team remains at the forefront as you expand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Operations Ability see all my data?
Operations Ability accesses only the specific data you ask for. It does not proactively sync or download your customer data into a separate database.
Is my data shared with any third parties?
Azure receives your commands, but no customer data from your Tindra account is shared in a way that identifies you. We also send anonymized queries to other third-party services for information, but these are not traceable back to you.
How are user permissions managed in Operations Ability?
Users with sufficient Tindra permissions to install apps can add Operations Ability. OAuth restricts data access based on granted permissions, but does not protect individual objects.
What data is shared with Azure by Operations Ability?
Only the commands you enter into Operations Ability are sent to Azure. Azure will not utilize these commands to upgrade their machine learning models. For more details, consult Azure's API Data Usage Policy.
What are the sources of Operations Ability's output? How reliable is it?
Operations Ability draws from diverse services for its answers, such as news APIs for product information. Given it's in alpha, users should independently verify the information provided.
How do Marketing Ability, Sales Ability, and Operation Ability interact within Tindra?
Marketing Ability, Sales Ability, and Operation Ability are designed to work in synergy. Using multiple Abilities together allows for seamless data integration, offering a cohesive view of your customer's journey, from initial site visit through deal closure to client satisfaction.

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